The TrueStar Group


Quality, environment and safety

TrueStar has obtained several certifications that attest to the quality of its services, safety in the workplace and attention to the environment.

ISO 9001 - Quality certification

Working with excellence, day by day

o guarantee quality and transparency has always been TrueStar’s primary goal. The certification confirms the management system’s compliance with international standards. This requires a constant process of growth, on all organizational levels, to improve the efficiency of internal processes and meet the expectations of customers, investors and airport bodies.

OHSAS 18001 - Safety and health certification

A safe environment for all

For TrueStar, attention to quality also means continuous improvement of safety in the workplace.
This certification confirms the implementation of procedures to ensure adequate monitoring of the safety and health of workers, in addition to compliance with mandatory regulations.

SA 8000 - Social accountability certification

Ethical work standards worldwide

TrueStar ensures full transparency with regard to the working conditions of its staff in every country where it operates.
The certification guarantees compliance with certain standards of respect for human and workers’ rights, protection against the exploitation of minors and assurance of safety and health in the workplace.

ISO 14001 - Environmental certification

Thinking green, for sustainable success

TrueStar is committed to constantly reducing the environmental impact of its activities.
The certification documents compliance with environmental protection practices to prevent pollution and reduce waste and the consumption of energy and materials.

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