TrueStar Services

at the airport

The wide range of TrueStar services meets the most current passenger needs, offering the pleasure of a peaceful journey.

Standard Package

A complete package that protects the personal belongings of those travelling by plane, from check-in to their destination.

Protective wrapping

Carried out in seconds at TrueStar sales outlets, with an ultra-resistant, elastic, waterproof, non-toxic and fully recyclable protective film.

Offers the best possible protection against: - Wear
- Stains, scratches and bumps
- Rain and humidity
- Accidental opening
- Theft of contents
- Insertion of unauthorised items

Dedicated call centre

This provides assistance with baggage tracking in the event of loss and with the warranty for theft and damage.

The service is available in three languages, by phone or by e-mail.

Baggage tracking

Each item of baggage wrapped in film is associated with an identification code, which allows active, safe and rapid tracking.

The tracking service is supported by the SITA WorldTracer software and database, used by airlines belonging to the IATA (International Air Transport Association). This ensures a tracking network with global coverage that is incomparable in terms of efficiency and speed.

- Certified anti-theft and anti-tampering technology;
- No activation procedure required from the customer;
- Recovery times reduced to a minimum;
- Customer Care in direct contact with airport Lost & Found offices;
- Active tracking, with real-time information on baggage movement.

Coverage terms

To complete the luggage protection service, TrueStar offers compensation in the event of damage or total loss of baggage.

Come Back Package

The Standard Package offer is also extended to the return journey.

Valid for return from the same airport.

Protective wrapping

Available for the outward journey.

Dedicated call centre

Available for both the outward and the return journey.

Baggage tracking

Available for both the outward and the return journey.

Coverage terms

Coverage in case of damage or loss for the outward journey. Loss coverage is provided for the return journey.

Bag Check Service

This service allows you to avoid paying for weight in excess of the limits set by each airline.

You can check the weight of your hand baggage and check-in baggage at the TrueStar sales outlets. The service consists of a scale with a capacity of 0.5 to 180 kg. The customer is given 7 minutes to weigh multiple items of baggage, thus allowing time to remove objects and clothes to reduce the weight of the baggage.

The scales are operational 365 days a year.

Travel Accessories

TrueStar provides the best equipment to make travel as comfortable and practical as possible.


Everything you need for a comfortable journey, including travel pillows, sleeping masks, beauty cases and accessories for organizing your suitcase.


Essential tools to ensure the operation of electronic devices during travel and stays abroad, such as a portable battery charger or a universal adapter.


Small accessories to secure personal belongings, such as padlocks and luggage tags.

Foldable holdalls and backpacks

Extremely light, compact and flexible, they are available in various sizes and colours. The sporty and minimal design makes them a practical and versatile accessory.

At the sales outlets, passengers can find a wide choice of accessories made in partnership with carefully selected Italian providers. They are designed for travellers who like to have all the necessary comforts, are easy to carry and comply with the strictest quality standards.

Bag Concierge Service

TrueStar staff are available to help passengers with their luggage.

Designed for all needs, the service provides all necessary assistance to make your stay at the airport simple, safe and comfortable. Qualified TrueStar operators meet passengers in a designated area of the airport and accompany them for all the check-in operations. On their return, they wait in the arrivals hall to escort them to their taxi, bus or means of transport in which they intend to leave the airport.

Suitcases are handled using professional trolleys, designed to ensure easy and safe transport of any type of luggage.

- Baggage collection on site;

- Service on request bookable by e-mail;

- Price for up to 5 suitcases. For larger quantities, the cost per suitcase decreases; (Available only at airports with Bag Concierge service).

- Transparent price, with no tip and no hidden charges.

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