The TrueStar Group


TrueStar believes in a new way of travelling: responsible, attentive and sustainable.
This is why it implements concrete strategies to protect the environment and promotes the ethics of sustainable tourism.

Care for the environment

TrueStar’s corporate philosophy and choices are oriented towards protecting the environment and resources.

Since 2010, the company has been implementing certified solutions and strategies aimed at the reduction and recycling of the materials used in the baggage wrapping service. These include use of a protective baggage-wrapping film that is fully recyclable. However, this is no longer sufficient.

In response to the current environmental crisis caused by plastic pollution, TrueStar has a new objective: to offer a 100% plastic-free service.

TrueStar adheres to:

WWF Action Network

a support network for individuals and companies in their action against environmental damage;

The WWF No plastic in nature by 2030 campaign

to stop plastic pollution;

The United Nations Global Tourism Plastic Initiative

for sustainable tourism.


As a result of its concrete commitment, TrueStar is the only company in the sector today that uses a 100% biodegradable protective film.

The film is made of bio-plastic derived from vegetable raw materials and is designed to effectively protect the suitcase while safeguarding the environment.

Once its use as wrapping is finished, it is disposed of in special composting sites, where it becomes natural compost in a few months thanks to a process of bioconversion.


Crude Oil
CO2 Emissions


Derived from natural sources
Clean energy source

The protection initiatives implemented by TrueStar have obtained the following certifications:


(Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) compliance

FCC compliance

(Federal Communications Commission)


(Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) certification

Biodegradability certification

Manifesto for sustainable tourism

TrueStar adheres to 10 fundamental principles for responsible tourism, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) declared by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda.

01 /

Be aware of the travel risks and take the necessary precautions;

02 /

Choose products, services and experiences that guarantee intelligent management and use of water and energy resources, prioritizing those that make the least impact and can be recycled or reused;

03 /

Promote the development of the country visited by choosing local products and services;

04 /

Contribute to the conservation, protection and reproduction of the ecosystem of the country visited;

05 /

Respect diversity and avoid discriminatory behaviour;

06 /

Acquire as much information as possible on the cultural aspects of the country visited (customs and traditions, food and drink, languages or dialects and traditions);

07 /

Promote the cultural heritage of the country visited;

08 /

Give preference to tourist facilities with fair working conditions and respect for workers’ rights and choose experiences and products that promote the development of the country visited;

09 /

Prioritise products, services and experiences that make use of technologies and methods aimed at saving or making better use of resources;

10 /

Support initiatives and programmes that promote the exchange of experiences and foster peace.

Quality, the environment

and safety

Local talent

global mindset

Made-in-Italy quality

and high standards

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