The TrueStar Group

Heritage and history

Made-in-Italy quality

The TrueStar international sales outlet network started in Milan.

Its development was guided by the brand’s all-Italian values: technological innovation, creativity and quality production . Awareness of this heritage has led to the creation of sales outlets that meet the high standards of Italian production quality.

TrueStar sales outlets are functional, exclusive and created with particular attention to the selection of materials and integration of architectural and energy requirements, while never forgetting the particular features of the local market.

The goal is to offer an increasingly secure and exclusive travel experience, with all the care and quality of true Italian tradition.

Technological innovation and international development

The TrueStar story


SecureBag Italia is born, the first Italian company to patent a tape-winding machine connected to a server.


The innovative baggage protection service achieves its first success in Terminal 2 at Milan Airport.


With the introduction of the service vendor role, SecureBag gains it first presence outside of Italy , in Argentina.


SecureBag introduces the first global connection and control software for machines and becomes established in Spain .


With the launch of the insurance service, SecureBag expands to Italy, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Uruguay .


SecureBag becomes TrueStar , achieving multinational company status, and expands operations to Brazil, Chile and Peru.


TrueStar is the first and only Italian company operating in Singapore Airport , a global point of excellence for safety and service quality.


TrueStar operates in all airports in Turkey.


The Italian Investment Fund becomes an institutional partner of True Star. It is the first Italian sovereign fund to support companies abroad.


With the development of tracking technology, TrueStar becomes established in Miami International Airport. It also consolidates its presence in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Oceania .


TrueStar further develops its remote control and management software, introducing a complex and unique image bank architecture, and expands to Russia.


TrueStar adopts digital transformation, digitizing its sales outlets and developing new products and services.


On the strength of its past performance and looking to the future, TrueStar is the first company in the sector to wrap baggage with a totally biodegradable film, eliminating the use of plastic.

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