Payments and vouchers

What credit cards are accepted in the sales outlets?

You can pay with most credit cards in our sales outlets. Ask our staff to find out if your credit card is accepted.

What currencies are accepted in the sales outlets?

You can pay in the currencies of the country where you are purchasing the service.

Can I make part of the payment in cash and the rest by credit card?

A single payment is required.

Can I pay for a service with multiple currencies?

A single payment is required.

Is it possible to pay via e-wallet?

Yes, payments can be made by e-wallet in our sales outlets. Before wrapping your baggage, make sure that this type of payment is accepted in the chosen sales outlet.

Can payments be made with cryptocurrencies?

This is not currently possible.

Can I request an invoice?

See the sales outlet staff to fill out the request form.

I received a double charge on my card. How can I obtain a refund?

Send an email to

I bought a voucher but I am unable to print it. Can I show it to the staff on my smartphone?

Yes, vouchers can be presented electronically.

We are a large group of people; can we request a discount?

Our sales outlet staff will offer you any group discounts, if available.

Contact an operator

If you have not found what you were looking for, you can speak with an operator.


Send an e-mail to

Call Center

The service is available for support in the event of loss and damage to baggage, for tracking status information or for any complaints. The Call Centre provides support in three languages.

Freephone Number

00 800 12600086

Paid Number

00 419 12600086

Charges based on the rate applied by the various operators.

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